CWA Downloadable Resources

Sanctity of Life

Abortion Methods (Brochure)

Abortion: The Ultimate Discrimination (Brochure)

Abortion: Impact and Risks (Brochure)

Does Scripture Forbid Abortion (Push Card)

Understanding Who Has an Abortion (Push Card)

If You Are Pro-Life, Memorize These 10 Simple Facts (Push Card)

Defense of Family

How Gender Identity Policies Hurt the Progress of Women and Girls (Brochure)

The States Act: Federal Marijuana Legalization Masquerading as States’ Rights (The Counterpoint)

Losing Wager: “Big Marijuana’s” Legalization Crusade Endangers Our Future (White Paper)

Not Your Grandfather’s Pornography: the Problem, the Harm, and a Policy Response (White Paper)


Know Your Rights (Bookmark)

Religious Freedom

Know Your Rights (Bookmark)

Political Guidelines for Churches and Pastors

Religion and the Public Schools (Brochure)

The Preeminence of God (Pamphlet)

National Sovereignty

Sharia Law and the Constitution (Brochure)

Sharia Law – A Threat to America as We Know It (Brochure)

The Constitution is NOT The Problem (Brochure)

What’s Your Vote Worth

Trump UN Social Policy Strengthens U.S.-Foreign Relations – Reject Neocolonialism and Uphold National Sovereignty (The Counterpoint)

Socialism Study Guide (A Primer)

Sexual Exploitation

Three Pillar Strategy – Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization 2018 (The CounterPoint)


Biblical Support for Core Issues (Brochure)

Key 16 Prayer Card